Why Work With Us?

Why Work With Us

  • Together we can break the cycle of re-offending, save money and improve lives.
  • We have a tried and tested model for offender engagement with proven results.

Crime damages people’s lives: the lives of victims, their families and – whether we admit it or not – the lives of offenders. It blights communities, increases fear and costs society a huge amount.

  • The overall cost of the criminal justice system has risen from 2% of GDP to 2.5% over the last ten years.
  • A former prisoner who re-offends costs the criminal justice system an average of £65,000 up to the point of re-imprisonment; it then costs an average of £40,992 a year to keep them there.
  • In the UK, 75% of young people re-offend within two years of their release from prison.
  • The cost of re-offending to the UK taxpayer is an estimated £11 billion a year, proportionately higher than the US or any other European Union country.

The stubbornly high levels of re-offending represent a failing of the criminal justice system. In light of far-reaching and severe cuts to public spending, it is even more important than ever that public funds are used to greatest effect.

The consequence is that more and more offenders have been warehoused in outdated facilities and we spend vast amounts of public money on prison. But no proper thought has been given to whether this is really the best and most effective way of protecting the public against crime.

Justice Minister, Kenneth Clarke MP, June 2010