Our Services

User Voice builds the structures that enable productive collaboration between service users and service providers.

 We are able to do this because our work is led and delivered by ex-offenders. This gives us the special ability to gain the trust of, access to, and insight from people within the criminal justice system.


User Voice works to accomplish these goals through three distinct areas.

  • User Voice Councils, which provide a platform for service users to have a voice. They have been developed for use within prisons and in the community for probation, youth offending teams and other related services. Their democratic processes enable voices to be heard and focus on collective challenges and solutions. 
  • User Voice consultations, which are bespoke projects that help service providers and commissioners access, hear and act upon the insight of their users. These include research and specifically designed workshops and have ranged from working with drug users on recovery services, to engaging with excluded and vulnerable young people on the future of social work.
  • User Voice peer support, sometimes, through the gate, which provide support for people in the community or those who are leaving custody; one-to-one sessions and peer-led groups give practical help and inspiration. Our supporters are uniquely placed to promote and ignite real change, as advocates and role models.

There are two sides to User Voice’s impact:

  1. Improving Services – with service user insight and experience, services can become more effective and accessible for hard-to-reach groups.
  2. Promoting active citizenship – as service users engage with improving the services they access, they develop the skills and behaviours to become contributing members of society.

The Theory of Change below considers the activities undertaken, assumptions made, medium term outcomes and long terms goals of a Prison Council linked to a Service User Council in the community, through-the-gate.