Cabinet Office Roundtable

Cabinet Office Roundtable

User Voice organised for ten pupils from King Charles I School in Kidderminster, representative of thousands like them who will leave school with little hope and no prospects, to attend a roundtable discussion with politicians and senior civil servants at The Cabinet Office hosted by Tom Watson, MP and Lord Kamlesh Patel.

The aim of the event was to educate politicians and policy makers about the reality of the young peoples’ daily lives – in which abuse, neglect and contact with criminal justice and social services are not uncommon – and to inspire the teenagers, raising their hopes and aspirations.

After a photo call outside 10 Downing Street and a tour of the Prime Minister’s residence, the young people were joined by politicians and civil servants to discuss the differences between policy and reality. The young people all wrote personal accounts of the visit.

Meeting the ministers was amazing and their priorities were different to mine but I think that they just don’t understand. I told them that I don’t want a youth club to be good at sport I want to get a drugs worker and have a future. I told them that my Dad is a dealer and I look after all the kids in my house and that I don’t know how to change my future, I wanna change my future and I think we all do. I hope we changed their minds and we get listened to not just for us but for all the people like us.