HMP Isle Of Wight Prison Council

HMP Isle Of Wight Prison Council

User Voice has a record of success: it has implemented its Council model in the three prison sites that make up HMP Isle of Wight (Camp Hill, Parkhurst and Albany). The aim was to test the model with different groups (including long-term, short-term and vulnerable prisoners).

HMP Camp Hill Prison Council Elections Dec 2010

Our approach is based on models of democratic engagement with the council itself made up of elected prisoner/members and the pilots ran elections between September and December 2009.

The model is designed to enable elected members to voice the views of their fellow prisoners to management, strengthening relations and improving services.

Over the period that the User Voice Prison Council functioned at HMP Isle of Wight, there was a 37% reduction in the number of complaints (Albany site) and the amount of time prisoners spent in segregation units significantly declined from 160 to 47 days (Parkhurst site).