National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health

National Collaborating Centre For Mental Health

User Voice was commissioned by the NCCMH to help produce the first national clinical guidelines for practitioners around conduct disorder and anti-social behaviour in young people.

User Voice facilitated a focus group of seven young people aged between 15 and 18 years old (five males, two females), who had significant experience of the criminal justice system and related agencies including youth offending services, health and social services, and youth services.

The individuals had all had previous involvement in User Voice work, and personal histories consistent with a diagnosis of conduct disorder.

The focus group featured in the NCCMH report and main draft guidance, which was utilised by the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE) to inform their development of the NICE guideline, published 27th March 2013.

View the full guideline here.

The guideline outlines recommendations to support healthcare professionals to accurately diagnose and treat conduct disorders, aiming to improve the lives of the 5% of children and young people aged 5-16 who are diagnosed with the condition and their families.

These include the importance of making an early diagnosis, to ensure that children and their families are able to access the treatment and support they need to manage the condition, as well as group training programmes to support parents and carers, and child-focused group social and cognitive problem-solving programmes for older children.

Another point emphasised is the need for coordination between services that make up the local care pathway, such as healthcare, education and social care, as well as improving access to these services.

You can view User Voice’s contributions in the draft guidance, on pages 91- 102, 118 and 119, and appendix 14.