Coronavrius Statement from User Voice

As a result of the ongoing challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we will be changing the way that we carry out our work over the coming weeks.

While we’re unable to meet face to face, we will continue to be flexible and find ways to remotely support service users in both the community and in prisons.

The current provision to manage the coronavirus pandemic for prisoners is insufficient. More than ever, it is vital that the experiences and voices of those within the criminal justice system are heard in real time.

The prison populations is vulnerable to poor health for a number of reasons but in this case, we know who the most vulnerable people are: 

  • 1,700 prisoners over 70 
  • 70 pregnant women
  • 15% of prisoners have respiratory illnesses

To improve prisoners safety we believe that:

  • The prison population must be reduced for social distancing to be considered effective. 
  • Release vulnerable prisoners immediately.
  • Prisoners must be released with adequate financial, social & psychological  support.  

The User Voice London Office will continue to be open and will be staffed on a limited basis. If you want to get in touch with us for any reason you can still contact us on 020 3137 7471 during office hours or email us at 

This is a difficult time for everyone however it will be even tougher for those in prisons and on probation. 

You can be assured that we’re continuing to do all we can to give a voice to service users during these difficult times.

Simon Boddis