Why Fund Us?

Why Fund Us?

We know that, as charitable causes go, an organisation such as ours can be unpopular. Our charity is for and about the kind of people many would cross the road to avoid. Yet, so often it is the failure to provide care and support when it was needed that has attracted them to the world of crime.

User Voice believes that we can only reduce crime by involving offenders in the solution. We are immensely grateful to all those organisations and individuals that have the insight and courage to support us to this end.

2013 has been and will continue to be a critical year for us. We are in demand and our profile is high. We need to continue to innovate and develop but we are going to need to invest in our core functions if we are going to meet demand.

We have been investing in our core services and staff, building on projects completed in our first few years. At the same time, having established a solid reputation, we are in a position to promote our key products to commissioners, prison governors, probation chief executives and other relevant stakeholders.

With your help and support we can create a fairer, safer and less crime-ridden society by fully funding opportunities for offender engagement.

Offenders are constantly told to accept responsibility and the consequences of their actions. But they have very limited power to shape the essentials of their surroundings or to demonstrate their capacity for change.