Why Work With Us?

Why Work With Us?

We are user led: All our work is led and delivered by talented ex-offenders which enables us to engage with some of the hardest to reach in society and provide them with positive role models.

We are flexible: As our early evaluation work has shown, each place we work raises distinct issues that need to be taken into account in the development of our projects.

We work within regulations: The User Voice approach is designed to work with rather than against the regulatory framework that the service provider needs to adhere to.

We provide solutions: The User Voice approach offers offenders and marginalised groups a way of having their views heard in relation to the challenges facing them. The emphasis is not simply on raising problems but on developing ideas that can overcome these.

We are representative and inclusive: The User Voice approach is one that ensures that people focus on collective and system problems, not individual issues.

Our approach is enjoyable: As well as helping to develop a number of skills and improving relationships, our approach aims to be enjoyable and inspiring. This is critical to maintaining momentum and can have a powerful impact on people’s aspirations and appetite for engagement.

We are transparent and accountable: While flexible, the User Voice approach is based on having written agreements and allows for constant feedback.

We work in partnership: our work will not prove effective unless all those on board see its tangible value and are involved in its development and evolution. Of course, User Voice aims to be a powerful advocate on behalf of offenders and others on the margins of society but it does this by engaging practitioners and policy makers. Our aim is to act as ‘referee’; ensuring that no one group’s agenda dominates and that engagement benefits all.