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  • BBC – 14.05.17
    Our work with young people at risk of turning to crime has been mentioned in an article about the increasing number of children getting caught carrying knives and makeshift weapons.
  • VolteFace – 05.05.17
    User Voice staff, Council members and volunteers took part in the High Stakes: Prison Drug Policy Symposium, working together with people from across the Criminal Justice System to suggest ways to solve the prison drugs crisis. User Voice ran the symposium in collaboration with drug policy think tank Volteface and the Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours (SUAB) research group.
  • VICE – 04.05.17
    Our Spice Report has been featured in a Vice article about the spread of the former legal high on Britain\’s streets and in its prisons.
  • The Plymouth Herald – 19.04.17
    Our research showing that one in three prisoners had used spice within a single month has been featured in an article about the use of the drug in HMP Dartmoor.
  • The Guardian – 28.03.17
    The User Voice Councils are highlighted in a Guardian article about the fundamental role of charities in prison rehabilitation.
  • The Portsmouth News – 26.03.17
    Kabir Breathen, a member of the South East Engagement Team, spoke to the Portsmouth News about his work on the Hampshire & Isle of Wight CRC Community Council.
  • The Yorkshire Post – 23.01.17
    Jason Brown, a member of the North West Engagement Team, talks about his work with User Voice helping offenders in West Yorkshire turn their lives around.
  • New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) – 11.01.17
    User Voice features in a charity think tank blog about the crucial role of charities in reducing reoffending and improving outcomes for those in the criminal justice system.
  • The Daily Mirror – 01.01.17 & The Sun – 02.01.17
    Luke Chivers and Mark Sutton from the East of England Engagement Team talk about their recent experience of life in prison, in the light of everything that happened in prisons at the end of 2016.

















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