Happy Birthday To Us

It has been an hugely successful sixth year for us at User Voice, which has seen us expand both our reach to Service Users across the UK, and our base of volunteers, partners and supporters. We are extremely proud of our achievements and are planning to continue this growth through new initiatives and projects.

We believe we are gradually showing people that rehabilitation is very possible and that, given the tools they require, former offenders overwhelmingly can and want to reform and play a positive role back in society.

It is no easy task, but by working within the criminal justice system at every stage and getting demonstrable results, we can make a huge difference to the perception of ex-offenders and re-shape the debate.

One former ex-offender, who has drastically turned things around, is our founder Mark Johnson. When Mark started User Voice in February 2009 he could not have imagined that six years and one week later he would be on his way to Buckingham Palace to receive an MBE from the Queen.

User Voice now reaches:

  • 31% of Service Users across the criminal justice system

Across the prisons in which we work there has been:

  • 18% reduction on prison assaults
  • 40% reduction in the use of force

Recent Council Election Turnout:

  • 71% Prison Council Voter Turnout. By comparison it was 65% at the last UK General Election (2010)


The response from both Service Users and Prison Staff has been overwhelmingly positive.

(User Voice) “has given me a voice in prison”

“they (Prison Staff) see me as a person and not an ex-offender”

“I now have a sense of purpose”

(Quotes from recent surveys of current Service Users)


We look forward to building on these successes stories and forging a brighter future for Service Users. Here’s to the next six years!

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