Do you want your voice to be heard?

Do you want to share your experiences as a woman in the Criminal Justice System?

#HerVoiceCounts is a social media campaign that User Voice will be launching for International Women’s Day! The campaign aims to highlight the experiences of current and prior female service users whose needs have been overlooked by the Criminal Justice System (CJS).

Women are a minority within a system that is designed with men in mind; only 4.5% of the prison population in the UK are women. Female service users in our Women’s Council stated that their specific needs are often neglected and their voices are not heard. We want to give these women and other female service users the opportunity to share their experiences and stories.

User Voice’s Women’s Council consists of female service users who collaborate with probation services and initiate bottom-up change to the current services available in the CJS. #HerVoiceCounts aims to build upon this work.

On the 8th March we will post stories, experiences and pictures of female service users using the hashtag #HerVoiceCounts across all of our social media accounts to highlight issues that cause women to feel forgotten in the CJS. But in order to achieve this we need your help!

If you’re a female service user, we want you to share your experiences. What were the challenges you faced as a woman in the CJS?

Email us your stories and pictures at: hervoicecounts@uservoice.org

Or you can call us at 02031377471 (ask to talk to Jaini, Katie or Aaron about the campaign).

If you do not feel comfortable talking to us then you can also post the information to us to the address: 20 Newburn Street, London, SE11 5PJ. Final posting date is 02/03/16; if you post after this date we cannot ensure that we will receive the information in time.

The final date for receiving all information is 5pm on the 4th March 2016. All information will be used anonymously unless otherwise agreed.

Make sure your voice is heard! Get involved on International Women’s Day by tweeting us using #HerVoiceCounts!

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