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Through the Gate is failing 2 out of 3 people released from prison

User Voice contributes report to House of Commons inquiry

Three years after Transforming Rehabilitation came into practice and Community Rehabilitation Companies were given responsibility to support ex-offenders ‘through the gate’, the House of Commons Justice Committee has begun its inquiry into the programme.

During October and November, User Voice conducted its own consultation on Through the Gate services by engaging service users in prison and on probation. The resulting report was submitted as written evidence to the Justice Committee’s inquiry and published by them.

User Voice’s consultation evidences that current Through the Gate provision does not benefit the majority of service users because of a lack of access to services and the poor quality of those services if available. It also highlights that service users are best placed to identify recommendations and suggest how Through the Gate and Transforming Rehabilitation should be improved, with benefits for themselves and also for service providers, with more effective and cost-saving service provision.

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