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“From HMP to the Houses of Parliament” – service users invited to discuss Transforming Rehabilitation

User Voice arranges for service user visit

Following on from User Voice’s submitted evidence to the Justice Committee’s Inquiry into Transforming Rehabilitation last year, User Voice arranged for services users of probation from around the country to provide oral evidence of their experiences as part of the inquiry.

One service user commented “this is the real deal Justice Select Committee” and that they were provided with an “excellent opportunity to communicate with the law and policy makers”.

A fellow participant said: “I thought the day was fantastic. It was a roller coaster of emotions from feeling giddy, to worried about eloquently getting our experiences across. It was great to bond with the others over our shared passion to help make positive changes, not only in our respective areas, but across the board for everyone.

“The experience of speaking to the committee was quite daunting, but they made us feel welcome and no judgement on our pasts. Once the questions started, the passion took over and it just all came flowing out. We all know the stuff, so while it may have initially felt like being ‘tested’, it wasn’t that at all, we are the experts of our experiences.”

Another service user has written his own blog about the day.

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