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User Voice submits report to Health Committee

Research from Health Councils in 12 prisons shows high levels of need and poor access

User Voice has contributed a report to the parliamentary Health and Social Care Committee focusing on the health needs of, and services received by, prisoner patients. User Voice used its unique peer-led engagement model to establish the views on the prison healthcare system of 2,700 prisoners in 12 different prisons across Kent, Surrey and Sussex between October 2017 and March 2018.

The report was compiled during a project run in partnership with NHS England and has elicited some compelling top line information: for example, that 99.6% of service users need at least one type of healthcare, and that over 70% of these had difficulty accessing that healthcare.

The good news is that User Voice’s Health Councils developed 38 proposals for service improvements that have been accepted by key decision makers – most focused on reducing waiting times for appointments and increased access to medication.

The work of the Health Councils continues and the opinions of service users are now, through User Voice, being included in the procurement cycle and at regional NHS board level. By putting the service user at the heart of change, real impact has been achieved.

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