Featherstone pulls out all the stops for Prison Election

HMPS-run West Midlands prison lines up a day of activities for special occasion

A prison election is a very important day for a prison – and for User Voice too – but HMP Featherstone in the west Midlands has pulled put all the stops to make it feel even more important by dedicating it a day of celebration.

For the election, on Friday 28 September, the morning regime has been altered in the Cat C men’s prison, including some work responsibilities, to allow residents and staff to vote, all amid a flurry of competitions with prizes for all winners. PE staff have also arranged a handful of new activities in the gym, including a volleyball and world football tournament.

Alongside the usual election result buffet, people on the units at lunchtime will be offered “election favourites” plus cake and soft drink.

The results announcement ceremony will feature motivational talks from Dave Gauder, a strongman who is an ambassador for Birmingham and a holder of 26 strength-based Guinness World Records, as well as User Voice founder/CEO Mark Johnson.

“It’s great that Featherstone are doing this, I’m looking forward to a really good day,” said Garry Henry, User Voice Engagement Team Leader for the Midlands. Deputy Governor Warren Sullivan said this was part of the prison’s commitment to “to supporting a rehabilitative culture through events such as the Prison Council election”. He felt that the collaborative efforts of prison and Council “give prisoners a voice which enriches our prison community”.

Find more details of what a Prison Council does here.

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