Rebecca Page

Staff Q&A: Rebecca Page, Operations Manager

Bex has been at User Voice nearly five years and hopes her experience in wealth management can help the organisation hit new heights

Name: Rebecca Page

Job title: Operations Manager

Role responsibilities: 
Quality assurance, risk management, operational delivery.

What attracted you to work at User Voice?
It was the unique opportunity to be directly involved in addressing the issues and problems that existed in the broken system I had just been in.

What did you do before User Voice?
I worked in wealth management in the banking and finance sector.

What experience do you bring to your role?
I believe I have a good amount of transferable skills; from managing teams, project management, experience of sales targets – which are equivalent to contract deliverables – and hopefully (!) a decent level of personal skills.

Which of the User Voice values of Authenticity, Resilience, Democratic, Order from Chaos and Optimistic best describes you?
I feel through working at User Voice you definitely develop all these values in a much more focused manner, as we all exercise them and hopefully are guided by them within our work. I think that due to my lived experience I do now foster all of these values myself. If I personally had to pick a standout one it would be Resilience.

What have you learned at User Voice so far?
Wow, that’s a big question. All manner of things. While I believe I have brought a lot of insight and skills to User Voice from my previous career, the things I have learnt are invaluable. I have a deeper thought process around the sector and drivers to offending and how to articulate this in different ways. The element of raw truth therefore always ensuring no one person or myself are talking on behalf of others or a wider group – it is a fine art. Also, becoming a lot more pro-active around creating mechanisms and processes within a growing organisation.

What challenge are you looking forward to tackling at UV?
Trying to get all the moving parts of User Voice working together to push the organisation to new heights – to ensure an organisation remains as collaborative internally as possible is a massive on-going challenge, one that we take very seriously. I want to be part of getting this right and as streamlined as possible – It’s a rare structure to have or maintain.

What’s the best bit about UV?
The best thing for me is the honesty of it – we do our best to do what we say, and we don’t get too bogged down sitting in external meetings where we do not believe there is actual space for the user – we want to bring the wider voice of people who use the system to the people who run the system to ultimately improve it for everyone. It’s simple and straightforward with a clear end goal.

Where did you grow up, what was that like?
Life for me growing up wasn’t great with an alcohol-dependent father dealing with his own issues. My amazing, beautiful, strong, loving mother thundered on through her city career raising me alone but got cancer when I was 15, and passed away when I was 17. I hold her so very dear to my heart and always strive to ensure she would be proud. I grew up in Muswell Hill in north London, which I absolutely adore; I still live there and I love it! I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

What are your interests?
I am obsessed with fast cars and driving them! I wish I played more basketball and badminton; I am very sociable and so really enjoy catching up with people I know and love as often as I can!



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